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August 12, 2006


Max Kalehoff

Regarding the Jarvis example, I would argue actual performance testing should determine whether the Adsense ads were effective or not. Not the presumptions of a ZDNet columnist.

That said, I have my own theory regarding the core of Google's contextual advertising business: Adwords. Google has a conflict of interest. Is Google incentivized to promote or support ambiguity between paid and natural search results (among mainstream Web users)? I would say yes. Second, is Google incentivized to limit the quality of its search results, given that really good natural search results would make its paid search results even more irrelevant than they already are? Yes.

But there must be a fine line. Because if Google's perceived value for natural results isn't top notch, then other search-engine services will encroach.

Finally, I wonder if consumers will ever be inclined to adopt search services that are any more sophisticated than Google.

Matthew Hurst


I appreciate the performance versus semantics issue (which is also an argument for putting adverts for Dell computers on Jarvis' blog). However, I think it goes against Google's statments regarding enhanced experiences for viewers of a page (remember we are talking about contextual ads here, not search page placement). Theoretically, there may be an optimal performance ad that could be placed on a page that was universally judged by readers to not enhance the experience. If one assumes that performance is a good measurement of enhanced-experience, then that too goes against the claim quoted in the ZDNet article that the ads have intrinsic value beyond their function as a channel for potential buyers.


waddya know.i don't mind as long as everybody is happy with making money to it. i usually dont' like to blame them for getting low pays. but anyway, its just the same as other ad networks.people usually take notice to this kind of making money, thus making junk sites. its not in Google, its in the makers of sites that make junk stuff or maybe classified as MFA.

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