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August 31, 2006


David Sifry

So you got the logs of 1,500 of the top blogs and did this analysis?

Where did you get this data?


Greg Linden

Hi, Matt. I am confused by something on this data. Where are the other blog search engines and feed readers? In particular, why don't Technorati and My Yahoo show up as a referrers?

Looking at the data, I was about to conclude that Google web search overwhelms blog search engines and feed readers as the major way people get to weblogs -- a claim I have also seen elsewhere -- but the data only weakly supports that conclusion with only 82k of 890k clicks labeled

What do you think?

Matthew Hurst


I don't have the logs; I'm just using data that is freely available on the web.


Matthew Hurst


I'm going to follow up with some more posts on this, so perhaps some of your questions will
be answered later. For now, note that 82k of 350k are from (not from 890k - don't forget those 'unknown' refers). Of the 350k, 45% are from one of Google's hosts (which includes referals from btw, but this isn't much).

Stay tuned!


David Sifry


Can you point me to this data?

Where is it available on the web?



"How do readers get to blogs?" - speaking for myself there are two answers, different modes.

When I'm catching up on the day's new material I get to blogs from other blogs, usually from reading from an online aggregation (I got here today via Corante, I also regularly readPlanet RDF, Planet XMLHack, Planet Web 2.0 etc) or from the feeds I've got in Bloglines.

But when I'm looking for a specific piece of information (which happens a lot with tech stuff), I'll use Google and as often as not end up at a blog.

The significance in the context of your post is that in the latter case, I really don't care where I get the information from - so a blog-only search engine wouldn't really add anything.

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