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July 01, 2006



I'm looking your Map of the Blogosphere, and i want to invite you to our little map in our web []. Our graphic is about phisical conections of the blogers. And our system of conections is diferent.
I enjoy with your map, and i want to give u congratulations for this work.

Hans Gerwitz

How are you positioning the nodes on these graphs? Are you using vertex elasticity, or is there some meaning to their position on the plane?


Sure this makes sense for some people but not for me. Cool pic though. ;o)

Matthew Hurst


I'm using a variant of the force layout approach to graph layout. There certainly is meaning to the location of nodes in the image: proximity indicates a tendancy for mutual citation.

Hans Gerwitz

Of course, I meant vertex repulsion/edge elasticity. You must have some nice resources to play with if you can afford force layout on that much data ;-)

No meaning beyond proximity, though? I've been looking for ways to "map" similar data so it will be (mostly) time-stable as nodes are removed and added, to no avail yet.

Matthew Hurst


Time stability is an interesting problem. One way to do this is to fix nodes in location
(or certain nodes). Alternatively, you could allow nodes to become more lethargic in movement
according to how long they have been there. This seems like a good idea. Are you going for
some form of animated representation? I'd love to hear more about it.

As for performance - I'm using pretty standard hardware, but I've spent a reasonable amount of time tuning the graph representation to make it faster. Many force based iterative layout implementations render the graph at each iteration - I simply iterate to the end and then display. This is an obvious point, but makes it a lot faster.

Randy Charles Morin

Very cool! I found 3 of my blogs.

Walter Rafelsberger

Hello Matthew,
Hello Hans,

You're both working on very interesting projects. Recently I started my own attempt in visualizing the blogosphere as an animated real-time application. If you're interested have a look here:

Kind regards,

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Thank you for the great article. Greetings from Germany.


great ones. keep them coming

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