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June 11, 2006



thanks for those reports from the conference and this interesting graph. One thing I'm very interested in these days is the increasing "porosity" between MSM and CGM. On your graph, one can assume the news items published or aired by the IHT, CNN, BBC and so on are then picked up and discussed by the "nodes" and blogs who link back to the original news item.
Now, as MSM enter into new areas, with syndication agreements with CGM portals (for instance, the IHT with, AP with Technorati, Reuters with, etc.), I wonder if we'll see those links going the other way, with MSM picking up and linking back to the original blog article. I guess it goes back to your point about "directionality". Which way does information flow...


Am I missing something? As I look at the graphic I do not see anything in the center of the picture. There is a node in the upper left and lower left and then to the right. I am color blind so maybe the colors elude me?

Matthew Hurst

Netpo - you need to click the link to the full graphic. That showed inline in the post is just a crop of the complete picture.

Antony Mayfield

Thanks for the re-cap - really useful for reference.

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