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March 02, 2006


Kevin Burton

Reading lists aren't really different. The only thing different is the OPML 2.0 feed which Winer wants to push for integration into aggregators. I wanted to get it out there to see if some people liked it and to see what kind of feedback I received.



Ed Kohler

Is it hard for the average blog user to find good blogs on topics that interest them? While this seems like a great solution, I didn't know there was a huge problem in this arena that needed to be solved.

Matthew Hurst

Ed - the specific task 'find me blogs on this topic' is not yet solved in any comprehensive manner. A search on Google's blogsearch provides 1 'related blog' for the search 'data visualization'. Sphere's 'related blogs' for the same search is slightly better: 2 blogs. I agree that one can come across good blogs via browsing or search, but trying to find a good blog specifically on a topic is not solved.

Ed Kohler

Good point, Matthew. Personally, I tend to look for posts on a topic that's immediately of interest to me, then move from posts to blogs based on the quality of writing I find on the sites I end up at.

I suppose I developed that tactic based on the lack of a good search solution to directly find authoritative blogs related to the topic that interest me?

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