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January 11, 2006


Willow with Umbria

Matthew, thanks for your comments. The aim of this paper was not to make strong scientific statements, rather it is to describe and illustrate to the uninitiated the problem of spam blogs, and how they can pollute blog search engine results and skew blog analytics.

We appreciate your comments and are concerned that some statements may be misinterpreted. We certainly want to avoid that. We think the paper can be improved, so we'll continue to track and refine our findings on this topic. The intent here is to educate, communicate and show some of the difficulties splogs can create.

Please note that the paper contains no assertions about any enterprise marketing intelligence solution other than our own. As well, the paragraph you cite as being from our “press release” is, in fact, editorial coverage – a synopsis and interpretation of the Splog paper itself. (A press release about this paper was not issued; we did alert a handful of traditional and citizen journalists by email of the paper’s availability at

Brands interested in monitoring user-generated media sometimes ask: “Why the need for an enterprise marketing intelligence solution when free blog search engine tools are available?” This paper intended to illustrate one benefit.

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