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December 10, 2005


James and Charles

very insightful analysis and thanks for the kind words. :)

james and charles


I also like the UI; the clean split-screen and the sentimenter are a nice change to typical blog search interfaces.

As for the content: the aggregated numbers - total positive vs. total negative - are interesting, but the individual results are, so far, unsatisfying. I believe there are two issues here: first, the analytics are done on a very shallow level (probably, predefined lists of words and phrases such as "I love X" or "I hate X"). Second, the lack of static ranking, or some kind of influence measurement, pushes to the top blog posts that have low content, from blogs who have few readers. This is not the way to find "blogs that interest me" - it's a way to find blogs that incidentally mention something I am interested in.

Having said this, I think deeper analytics and taking some sort of blog rank into account will make Opinmind one of the few search engines that really make use of the differences between the blogspace and the rest of the web.

Andrew Hitchcock

I've just played with this website briefly, and while it is really neat, it still has some kinks to work out. I ran one query, [Arrested Development], and the negative results are greatly over-valued. If you look the negative results, it seems that over half are people complaining about the cancelation. While the show gets lots of positive reviews, the cancelation of the show gets lots of negative reviews, and this messes up the results. I'm excited to see what this can be once it is refined and expanded more.

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