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December 22, 2005


mark cuban

actually, theyare right about totals, but the new adds every day are probably 50 pct or more on some days.

Given that blog engines return primarily based on date, when there is heavy splog additions, the 44 out of 100 is probably low.

October was a light month compared to the last 30 days

tim finin

Our research shows that the splog rate may be worse than this. We looked at 40M pings from and 75% were from splogs. Our methodology differs from the one used by Umbria as does the splog test. It will be interesting to compare the results, which I hope we can do soon. See or for more information.


They've certainly confounded the issue by not disclosing the terms they used for probing the indexes. Choosing 'spammy' terms can certainly raise the proportion of spam results.

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