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November 30, 2005


Kevin Burton

My main question is whether this is useful or not. I just don't see a lot of benefit here.


Matthew Hurst


I think that is the key issue. I'm not convinced that the vanilla interface to geocoded news is a big win, however, I do think that services that add some form of overlay are useful. The datasphere project that I've posted about a little on this blog, for example, firstly uses far more localised news (e.g. lots of African news which is missed by the mainstream, western focused news); secondly, it allows you to see highlighting for keywords (e.g. 'riot' or 'terrorist' or 'bomb', etc.), allows for displaying links between locations and allows you to mine words/phrases from the articles.

I think that the time of application I've outlined above is useful for somebody out there. Imagine tracking avian flu stories with a geocoded news system for example.

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