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October 06, 2005


Robert Stockton

I'm sorry, but I don't think that this comes close to passing the smell test. "First, why do bloggers' blog? Thirty four percent - the highest number—blog in order to be visible authorities in their field." Anyone who's spent any time looking at LiveJournal, which accounts for nearly half of the traffic in the blog-o-sphere, knows that there are a *whole lot* more people chattering about their daily lives than trying to be authoritative about anything. (Does anybody happen to have numbers on what fraction of blogs are LiveJournal? I only have post counts handy.)

As far as I can tell, the only way those numbers would be valid is if every non-LJ blog were a serious "authority blog", and it doesn't take much browsing to see that this is not true either.

It's not surprising that this survey ignored the "long tail" of folks for whom blogging is not the primary life-passion, but I can't take seriously any pollster who takes a skewed sample and then blithely talks as if he knew something about the full population.

(I'm sure that there is going to be someone out there to tell me that most LJs are not blogs because they don't have enough hyperlinks, or because they haven't enabled track-backs, or some other self-serving definition. All I can say is: get a clue -- you don't own the playground any more, and the mainstream is going to ignore your petty quiddities.)

I seriously believe that there is a great deal of interest in what *all* bloggers have to say. However, we aren't going to hear the full message if we keep wearing blinders that keep us from seeing beyond the a-list "tip of the iceberg".

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