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October 05, 2005


Andrew Hitchcock

Mine is messed up as well, the two peaks used to match.

Andrew Hitchcock

I think I see the problem. It looks like the slope/peak for September 6-7 on the first graph is reversed and over October 1st on the second graph. See what I mean? It looks like they are printing it in the reverse date order.


Thanks for pointing this out. It turns out that an update yesterday caused the graphs to be incorrect. We have posted a fix. Please let us know if you spot anything else.

tnx again


Looking at the graphs, I am wondering whether such a dramatic change can be possible in such a small period of time specially in terms of percentages. However, I strongly believe that the page ranks depend upon the content we have and with the web 2.0 tools displaying a content has came a long way from mere static pages to interactive one which see now. I came across a site where we would get the entire information related to web 2.0 tools.

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