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August 29, 2005


B.L. Ochman

My degree and training are in journalism. Blogging is journalism, but it is a new form.

Are you saying that the Wall St Journal reporting rumors, as they do all the time, is different than a blogger reporting them?

I reported a rumor, told to me by someone in a position to know. Other people got hysterical. Not me.

And do you think, for a minute, that David Sifry would tell you if the rumor was true.

Gimme a break.

Matthew Hurst

Your original post was not a report of a rumour, it *was* a rumour - others reported on the rumour. As for Sifry's comments - you are right, I guess that is just a rumour that the rumour was false, but it was the first time he went on record (going on record to someone on the Gilmor Gang is a considered move). I don't mind starting rumours as I'm not a journalist.

I wouldn't have classified people's reaction as 'hysterical' but that they were excited. The sale of one of the major blog search players would be an exciting event to those involved in the space.

Gimme a break.

B.L. Ochman

You're in semantic land now Matthew.
I reported on something I was told. Others spread it.

Matthew Hurst

Um, ok.

Kevin Burton


I listened to that podcast by and that "news to him" quote was from Doc Searls.

99% sure..


Kevin Burton

Also.. I think Mary Hodder noted that she only went live with one source for the Bloglines outing.. and she got the call right...


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