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August 04, 2005


David Sifry

Well, you can see our coverage rate by looking at the growth of the blogosphere numbers posted earlier in the week. We think that we're indexing over 95% of the public blogosphere, according to the coverage tests that we've done internally.

Of course, those are our internal numbers, and don't necessarily mean they are "objective truth".


Matthew Hurst

David - I can see your *rate of growth* in your first two posts, but no statistics on the percentage of coverage that you have. Your comment mentions this (95%), so this is new information. I'd be interested in what you mean by the public blogosphere. Does this include walled gardens that don't ping? What about languages? Actually, I'm not really after those numbers, but want to be clear about the point I made wrt mean time to index: it is a precision measurement, not a recall measurement, thus only has meaning iff the blog is captured by your system. In addition, while it is a metric with some good properties (reducing this number is probably a good thing!) it is not necessarily good for setting expectations for an arbitrary blogger.

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