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July 31, 2005


Robert Stockton

Well, as far as I know most MSN pings reflect the actual posting time of a blog entry, photo, or list entry. Blogspot pings, on the other hand, are often manual pings coming from spammers, and bear no relation to the actual time of a post. More than 25% of all blogspot pings are for old posts (more than 30 minutes). I don't think this is the software acting up, but rather that folks are randomly repinging old posts. This might or might not account for some of the oddity that you are seeing.

Matthew Hurst

Based on your comment, it sounds like we could rate the quality of a host based on the coherence of the distribution of pings as well as the general trend. This hides the fact that spam on host delivered pings (i.e. non manual pings) wouldn't show up unless it didn't fit the general trend, but I believe it is worth thinking about. In addition, looking at the periodicity of pings might give a clue as to the robot/human nature of the blog post. Okay - better stop there before we say too much!

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