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August 17, 2009


Brad Dohack

So the question becomes, how do you filter out the babble in Social Media?

Seth Finkelstein

"Is there really a dichotomy here - between the pointless babble and the soul of the new real time machine? "

Yes. We saw exactly the same thing with blog-evangelism. Conflate two very different things under the same heading, then do a "two-step" between them. When critics point out that the journalism isn't good or frequent or reliable, argue the diary/chat aspect. When critics point out the diary/chat babble isn't useful to them, argue the journalism aspect. All in the service of selling it and the consulting gigs :-(.

Hmm, danah boyd says almost exactly that: "the press are doing what they did with blogging: hyping Twitter us as this amazing source of current events and dismissing it as pointless babble. Haven't we been there, done that?" - except she blames the hyping on outsiders, "the press", rather than insiders, the hucksters who profit from these sales-pitches.

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