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June 30, 2009


Chris Anderson


The free versions of my book are EVERYWHERE, both text and audio--how hard did you look? Scribd, Google Books, Amazon (Kindle), Sony eReader, iTunes,, Shortcover, That's just the US. In the UK, it's on Spotify, and BrandRepublic. Or you could go to my blog, which you linked to above, and find them there. As it's published in each country, the local publisher releases their own free versions.

So far we've released more than a dozen free versions, some for short term offers, some free forever.

Here's the Scribd version, for starters:

For a guy who is focused on data, I would have expected slightly more expert searching before taking an unwarranted cheap shot.


Matthew Hurst


I'm sincerely sorry to have caused offense. I posted the above on June 30th. I'm looking online for the free versions of the book that appeared before that date. Your post for the Google Books version was on the 8th of July. You wrote on the 18th of July that is was free on the kindle; July 15th on iTunes; eBook and audiobook versions on July 6th.

Could you point me to the versions that were released prior to June 30th so that I can better understand where I failed to find it? I certainly did do a reasonable job of searching (or so I thought).

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