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May 18, 2009


Marko Polojärvi

That's actually really interesting because I would have thought too that WolframAlpha could handle that perfectly... I've been trying to find some usage for "Alphram" but no luck yet. I just can't think anything I would want to search there. Maybe it will be a nice gimmick for drunken arguments about how many people speak english or something.


I think Wolfram is about to discover that a search engine that can't search porn and celebrity gossip is darn near useless to 90% of the Internet population. I love the idea behind it. I can't see it taking off in a big way as it is currently implemented. Full name and DOB is all it returns in response to the query {brad pitt}. Not even a list of movies or a picture of his mug. And adding that (in general case, not just for movie stars) means you're now in the long tail game, which is very hard and expensive to play.


"Interestingly, the obvious search on Google didn’t get a good result but doing the same on Live Search produced a perfect first result."

Not sure if it's been hit by the buzz yet, but Live Search has improved A LOT recently. Probably it's not as good as Google yet, but certainly neck-to-neck, if not better, than Yahoo!. This will sure be an interesting fight.


Google's top results look right on target to me (or are you discounting sponsored results?):

Your Carbon Footprint -
Calculate Your Footprint -
Carbon Emissions -

vs. Live Search's

Flights To Seattle -
Alaska Airlines -
Flight To San Jose -

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