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March 10, 2009


Brian Solis

Thanks for the post! I didn't get it wrong re: Technorati data...I knew they cleaned up the data-set, but it still doesn't represent the shift away from blog links to micro links. The theme of the story is that blog responses (linkbacks) are actually declining in favor of link sharing on Twitter, FF, and FB. For example, there are over 400 links to the TechCrunch post on Twitter right now, not including other networks. That activity is not factored into the blog's authority because it isn't included in today's metrics. Before Twitter, how many of those links represent potential blog responses that "would" have factored into authority?

Adrian P.

Weighted linking... that's interesting. Would that mean also giving a link from a "high authority" blog even more weight?
Sorry if this is way off-topic... what do you think about measuring "authority" outside of links? Here's a story for my thoughts: when I look through my RSS feeds (Google Reader), I see a bunch of bloggers in social media linking to each other, and yet a good portion stories I see are of little value. I.e., there's a critical mass of users linking to each other, but I feel like some stories vary from small embellishment, hyperbole, to outright false information. So, how do we not just measure "authority" (the Technorati version of *popularity*), but also reward the accuracy and insight??

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