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December 03, 2007


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Philip Flip Kromer


The problem is that if I post announcing "I installed Leopard and I had no problems <3 mac" it will appear in the results next to "I installed Leopard and have had nothing but problems I'm ready to sue".
0.44 M leopard "no problems"
2.2 M leopard problems
1.3 M vista "no problems"
25.6 M vista problems

Here, 20% of the people who were so moved by their Leopard experience they posted about it did so because they were happy; compare with 5% of the people inspired to post about vista did so out of happiness.

Also, the keyword "OS" is highly correlated with Mac OS X Leopard and much less so with vista:

2.83 M leopard +os +problem
5.88 M leopard +problem 48% of total
6.19 M vista +os +problem
50.4 M vista +problem 12% of total

Putting it together:
1.05 M leopard +( "no problem" OR "no problems" OR "no crashes" OR "never crashed" OR "flawless install" OR "everything works")
7.76 M leopard +( "problem" OR "problems" OR "crashes" OR "crashed" OR "painful install" OR "everything is broken")
1.85 M vista +( "no problem" OR "no problems" OR "no crashes" OR "never crashed" OR "flawless install" OR "everything works")
75.1 M vista +( "problem" OR "problems" OR "crashes" OR "crashed" OR "painful install" OR "everything is broken")


Short search:
* 0.20 Happy/(Happy+Sad) ratio leopard
* 0.05 Happy/(Happy+Sad) ratio vista
Long search:
* 0.135 Happy/(Happy+Sad) ratio leopard
* 0.025 Happy/(Happy+Sad) ratio vista


For what it's worth, I'm a happy Leopard user. Two Macs, not a single problem and (get this!) everything works, both software and hardware. I've _never_ had such problem free upgrade with Microsoft operating systems, not to mention when migrating from x86 to x64 (Leopard runs x64 apps).

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