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December 27, 2007



The game "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock" was released on October 28. That's IMHO the reason for the increase of "guitar" in the winter.


I was also going to jump in and mention the October release of Guitar Hero 3, which seems to account for most, if not all, of that peak -- but Johan beat me to it. Add in the influence of "Rock Band", and you might be able to account for one or two extra bumps in the graph.

Matthew Hurst

A search for 'guitar -hero' shows the same pattern. The implication I was making in the post was the posts on MySpace are more likely to mention 'guitar'. Have a look at this graph which shows 'guiater -hero' and '"guitar hero"':

the constant skeptic

I believe that there are always going to be anomalies in the data as long as the collection strategies of blogpulse remain limited.

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