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September 18, 2007


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» Conversational Marketing Versus Market Conversati from PR2.0
Brands have become democratized. Audiences have evolved into factions of people linked together by common interests. Messages have deteriorated into a lost language that no one cares to revive, not even Mel Gibson. [Read More]


Matthias O.

Really interesting and concise post. Thanks to give your point of view on this subject.
But dare you to contradict Technorati ? ;)

Constantin Basturea

"Conversational Marketing" is the name of the service launched by Technorati, in partnership with Ogilvy, back in January 2007:

I guess the 'Manifesto' is a good way of showcasing the service's features, although the lack of metrics for measuring the success of the case studies presented in the whitepaper is kind of puzzling.

social media consultant

the conversations are only a thing which deletes the hesitations between the two people . but the way they will conversate , it depends on it all .


I love that part when you said about listeners as partners, not audience. This is a good way to value conversation more. Thanks for a great read!

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