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July 08, 2007


Pablo H.

The click through rate I think will very much depend on the style of bloggers and how they have their feed setup. For exmple, are you burning your full feed, or a shorter version? Are you stripping links? Personally, I think people should broadcast full feeds, with all links. Friends and readers in developing countries or with slow connections have often told me this makes a huge difference to them.

Also, I think if you typically write longer posts with lots of links, more chances people will click through. Shorter posts with just one link people will more likely read in their feeder or just click directly to the recommended link.

Oh, and i'm around 8%

Ilya Lichtenstein

I'm surprised it's even that high. The full article text is in the feed- unless you want to read comments, there is no reason to click through.


I am at about 12%, which is higher than I would have expected. I personally click through on full feed articles at about the same rate, so it sounds about right.


On the one blog I run that has enough subscribers to create a marginally interesting sample size, Feedburner says I'm running about 30% "reach" so far. I am trying to figure out why it is so much higher than those reported here. We burn a full feed with links and images.

Perhaps it is because we publish longish posts and typically link to several outbound locations in each one. It is important to recognize with Feedburner's "reach" measure that it is counting not just clicks through to your site, but on any link in your post.

Natalie Glance

I couldn't resist. I just had to click through on this post.

Martin Belam

I had a look at my FeedBurner reach figures for the last 14 days, and found it varied between 30% and 0.8% - so I guess I'd have to say I haven't drawn any firm conclusion about what is normal for me yet!

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