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June 26, 2007


Michael Heilemann

Isn't that guesstimating what those results mean? To me it looks like people are rather looking for videos _of_ the iPhone.

Matthew Hurst


Good point. Looking at the data suggests that the term 'iphone +(video OR youtube OR movies)' contains a mixture of links to online demos and people discussing the ability of the phone to play video. It looks like searching for 'iphone +movies' is more precise.

Patrick Furey

could you please tell me how you got 5 variables on the blogpulse chart. I am only able to enter 3

Matthew Hurst


To get more variables, you can simply edit the URL. Have a look at the pattern in the url for providing queries (query1=...query2=...) and replicate it for more queries.

Steve Field

Interesting. Do you think that video is a big deal among customers (i.e. a selling point)? Or is it simply a source of buzz (i.e. something novel, something different, a new partnership with another high-profile company)?

I am tempted to say that, while Apple would love the former to be the case, that that scenario isn't likely.

Patrick Furey

Thanks Matthew..I appreciate the tip.

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