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December 09, 2006


Kevin Burton

Well we certanly don't suffer from that problem. We run nearly 1k stories per day and the number fluctuates.

These just show up on page 2 rather than page 1...

Is this non-obvious?


Kevin - isn't that's the point being made? Why stick with paginating through ten items at a time when Tailrank could sometimes have a slow news day (and end up putting Friday cat blogging on the front page) and sometimes have more than ten stories being furiously discussed, some of which are pushed to page 2 because they broke an hour or two earlier than the others?

Users surely don't care how many stories are on the page, as long as everything loads snappily enough.

Having said all that - I'm not absolutely sure what the benefit would be. :)

Kevin Burton


"Users surely don't care how many stories are on the page, as long as everything loads snappily enough."

That's just the issue.... with too many items on the page it won't load fast. Study after study shows that even adding 100ms chases them away....


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