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December 07, 2006


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» Wee news: Live Local update; Shape2Earth; Swivel had an API from Ogle Earth
Microsoft Live Local gets an imagery dataset update, reports Windows Live Spaces. Coolest by far: Bird's eye views of several Italian cities! Here's where I lived and studied in 1993. Lots of UK and US cities get the treatment too... [Read More]


James Fee

Boy, what a way to wake up. My MySQL install needed "repairs". It looks like it is working now, but my heart skipped a beat because I hadn't backed it up in about a month. Doh!


is this a non-readable, non-browsable web? kinda like an underlying, xml-like exchange of data and data and more data?


non-readable = non-human-readable..


The Data Web you describe sounds a lot like MAYA's Information Commons ( It's a better approach than the Semantic Web because the latter requires webserver uptime. In addition to distributed, discoverable, and described, data should be fluid and available.

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