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September 03, 2006


Michal Migurski

Heh, nice. This is a problem I've run into as well, and I've yet to find a satisfactory solution. My issue is that I like reduced maps to have a bit edge to them, so I emphasize the pointy parts to counteract the flatness of the simplified parts when I trace. Illustrator and Flash both have point reduction tools which are awful, even though Illustrator's makes a valiant effort to reduce points based on colinearity. It definitely doesn't attempt to match neighboring shapes as you do.

Nigel Tao

Reminds me of something similar I did last year - I converted boundaries to SVG and used the open-source Illustrator-alike Inkscape to simplify the polys. Yeah, it wasn't perfect, but it's a cheaper option than Illustrator or Flash.

Similar, but not identical. My problem wasn't simplifying adjacent polygons, but cutting down the computation time of minimum-distance-to-the-border.

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