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May 16, 2006


Mark Johnson

Kosmix uses our Web crawl as our primary source of data. We're not sourcing blogs, reviews, or message boards through any special means. Our technology allows us to know what a page is about so we can separate content into different categories.

Matthew Hurst


Thanks for your comment. I understand that Gaserk is not explicitly targetting these source types. My intention was to indicate that by virtue of the vertical, which has a high volume of content on boards, review sites and blogs, the search engine approximated an explicit social media search engine. In addition, the results on Gazerk do explicitly break out the results via the source type (blog, forum, etc.) which does suggest that they have focused at least their results system in a manner aligned with my suggestion.


just to point out: and the are the first verticals for gaming on the net ;-) - ok they are german or japanese, but they were first...

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