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December 26, 2005


steven streight aka vaspers the grate who conducts micro-blog experiments like this

I agree with you about LiveJournal. I just visited a LJ blog and I was appalled. What a messy scene.

This drives me to speculate that there are Mini-Blogospherias within One Blogiverse of all blogs and blogoid objects.

MySpace and Xanga are other sub-cultural sets within, not the Blogosphere, but the Sub-Blogosphere, the marginal area of hook-up dating sites, romantic networking, encouraged, in MySpace (see my SoMeEx blog in MySpace) by Erotic Ads, "it's nice to be naughty", ads with a woman in panties pulling her sweater up over her head.

MySpace "bulletins", "friends lists", "music bands as friends", a high school Pseudo-Blogoteria.

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