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November 26, 2005


mary hodder

Hi Mathew,
I'm not at all disappointed with Sphere.

I am though looking for something more interesting that takes us a leap ahead of where we are now with blogsearch. So Sphere is starting out with what any company in this space must do, but the really interesting stuff will come when they complete the topic browsing stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

Matthew Hurst


Thanks for the update. I'd be excited to hear more - I mean, a lot more - about your topic browsing vision. I think it gets at the heart of the question: what do people use the (content of) the blogosphere for? There are thin- and thick-client technologies that support various answers to that. The thin is to allow users to browse a richer structure layered on top; the thick is to give users powerful analytical engines on their machines. Both have a role depending on who the user is and what their task is.

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