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September 11, 2005


Andrew Hitchcock

I don't think the current translation tools used by Google are in Beta, they simply suck (just like AltaVista's Babelfish). They are developing some new translation tools, but to my dismay, they haven't released a preview yet (I'd like a chance to play around with them). I'm not sure what powers the old translation stuff, but their new software is being developed in house and uses pattern recognition.

Matthew Hurst

The Japanese to English tool is definitely in beta (it says so in the drop down menu). Yes - Google has a relatively large team working on machine translation (possibly starting to rival the size of one of IBM's groups). The thing that surprises me is that MT is one of the celebrated hardest problems in AI; that being said, just as speech synthesis can produce poor but *understandable* results in some cases, so too can MT - Google's J->E system, however, isn't even at that stage. Quality-wise, it is not even pre-alpha!

Just because a problem is hard, doesn't mean that you set the bar low for releasing products.

AD Hung

Absolutely Agree, the japanese to english translation tools of google and altavista are dirt.

Has anyone come across anything even remotely better? Please do share if you have.

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