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August 22, 2005




I like your comment about the timeout: it is becoming worse and worse. Technorati have a lot of problems. Bloglines had a database problem yesterday. IceRocket seem to have some problems since a week: sometime it works, other time no. I downgraded the timeout to 10 seconds, I upgraded it to 15 secs, but I think that I will put it back at 25 secs...



Kevin Burton

Actually.. even better would be a javascript include ala what Icerocket was doing although asycn.

If TalkDigger did this I'd add it to my blog in a second! hook me up!!!


Hi Mr. Burton,

I already thought about it but the question is: would you include a line 1 or 2 line wide results text? A solution would be to let the choice to reader which results they would like to see appearing.

Another problem is that if we take for example that you have 1 page with 10 posts. Each time a visitor load the page, 10 requests are sent to Talk Digger. The problem is that TD is dependant of the search engines, so if one is down, the reader will wait around 25secs before seeing results. I do not think that it is really viable. It is why, I think, the best solution is to add a Dig This link/button in each blog posts, as I done on my blog.

What do you think of this?



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